X SICEL 2021

1. Presentation

The X version of the SICEL will be held in Pereira on October 13-15, 2021. It is organized as a commonplace for professional and academic discussion, on issues related to the energy transition and the fourth industrial revolution.

SICEL is a consolidated international event, thanks to the participation of researchers and professionals from more than 16 countries during the last 18 years. This symposium was established in 2001, as a common meeting place for electric power companies, academics, professionals and university students, where knowledge and experiences in the area of electric energy and their relationship with society have been analyzed and discussed.

The tenth version has a strong focus on current issues, such as energy transition and its importance in a new revolutionary era for the world’s industry.

2. Objective

Aspects such as supercomputing, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, cybersecurity, among others, have a significant impact on the life of today’s human beings. Access to energy, especially electric energy, is also part of our daily environment.

In line with the above, SICEL 2021 provides the bases and place for the discussion of current issues, especially on the opportunities of the electricity sector in the environment of the energy transition and the fourth industrial revolution.

3. Addressed to

  • Engineers and professionals from areas related to SICEL 2021.
  • Graduate and undergraduate students, in areas related to the SICEL objective.
  • Companies in the electricity sector and others related to the energy transition and the fourth industrial revolution.

4. Program Structure

X SICEL: Energy transition in the fourth industrial revolution

WS: Practical mini-course related to the theme of the event. Duration: 3 hours. Capacity limited to 15 people.

CM-KS: Keynote conference by an international expert in the energy transition. Duration: 80 minutes.

CM-E: Keynote lecture by a “Diamond” company representative, related to its contribution to the energy transition. Duration: 30 minutes

SP: Session of technical articles sent as a contribution to the conference. Duration 110 minutes.

PE: Expert panel on “Energy transition in the fourth industrial revolution”. Duration 18 minutes.


  • Phone: +57 (6) 3137323

    Email: sicel@utp.edu.co

    Web: www.sicel.org