X SICEL 2021

1. Presentation

The X version of SICEL will be held virtually in October 2021. It is organized as a place for professional and academic discussion on the energy transition and the fourth industrial revolution.

SICEL is a consolidated international event, thanks to researchers and professionals from more than 16 countries during the last 18 years. This conference was established in 2001 as a common meeting place for electric power companies, academics, professionals, and  university students, where knowledge and experiences in electric power and its relationship with society have been analyzed and  discussed.

The X SICEL focuses on current issues, such as energy and its importance in a revolutionary new
era for society.

2. Objective

Aspects such as ubiquity, supercomputing, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, cybersecurity, among others, have a significant impact on the life of today’s human beings. In addition, access to energy, especially electrical energy, is also part of our daily environment.

As a consequence of the above exposure, the main objective of the X SICEL 2021 is to provide the bases and facilitate a space for the discussion of current issues, especially on the opportunities of the electricity sector in the environment of the transition towards the fourth industrial revolution.

3. Addressed to

  • Engineers and professionals from areas related to the objective of X SICEL 2021.
  • Postgraduate and undergraduate students in areas related to the objective of X SICEL 2021.
  • Companies in the electricity sector and others related to energy transition and the fourth industrial revolution.

4. Program Structure

X Sicel –  October 2021: Energy transition in the fourth industrial revolution

WS: Practical course in aspects related to the conference scope. Duration: 2 hours. Capacity limited to 15 people upon opportune registration.

AP: Opening event. Duration 30 minutes

CM-KS: Keynote by an international expert on energy transition. Duration: 50 minutes.

CM-E:  Conference by a company representative with “Gold” sponsorship, related to their contribution to the energy transition. Duration: 30 minutes.

SP: Session of technical articles sent as a contribution to the conference. Three simultaneous sessions. Duration 100 minutes.

PE: Panel experts on the “Energy transition in the fourth industrial revolution”. Duration 60 minutes.

Rielec: Presentation of the relevant activities of the Colombian network of electrical engineering programs. Duration: 30 minutes.


  • Phone: +57 (6) 3137323

    Email: sicel@utp.edu.co

    Web: www.sicel.org