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Why UTP??


The Technological University of Pereira (UTP) is a Colombian public university (state) located in the heart of the coffee axis. He began academic work on March 1, 1961 with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. Currently, the UTP has more than 24,000 students enrolled, 37 undergraduate programs and 63 postgraduate programs, it has remained positioned as the best in the region, also occupying the first places nationwide.

Electrical Engineering Program

The former Faculty of Electrical Engineering, today the Electrical Engineering Program, has distinguished itself for its quality and academic excellence, proof of this is the high quality accreditation granted by the M.E.N. according to resolution No. 058 of January 20, 2000 for a term of 5 years, having been the first accredited program in this discipline in the country. Then the high quality re-accreditation granted by the M.E.N. according to resolution No. 2567 of May 30, 2006 for a term of 7 years and subsequently the high quality re-accreditation granted by the M.E.N. according to resolution No. 11956 of June 16, 2016 for a term of 6 years.

Engineering Faculty

The Faculty of Engineering was created on December 13, 2004, it houses the following academic programs:


      Electric engineering.

      Electronic Engineering.

      Physical engineering.

      Computer and systems engineering.


  • Specialization.

      Specialization in data networks.

      Specialization in digital electronics.

  • Master’s degree

      Master in electrical engineering.

      Master in systems engineering and computing.

  • Doctorate.

      Doctorate in engineering.

 Since that time, the academic interest of the Faculty has focused on the production, updating, transmission and application of knowledge regarding the rational and efficient use of energy.

UTP mapa
UTP mapa
  • Phone: +57 (6) 3137323