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Our city is located in the interior of the country, forming part of the “Golden Triangle” in the Coffee Axis. Pereira is the capital of the department of Risaralda, communicates by road with the main cities of the country such as Bogotá, Medellín, Armenia, Ibagué, Cali and Manizales.

The city is known as “la querendona, trasnochadora y morena”, “la perla del Otún ”,“ la ciudad sin puertas ”and“ la capital de la alegría”

Pereira has about 6 universities, 8 shopping centers, 1 art museum, 2 theaters, 1 municipal public library, 3 large movie theaters, the most important and outstanding recreational and holiday park in the region, has the exhibition and convention hall The largest in the “triangulo del café” and now has the first Biopark in the country and the largest in Latin America called UkumarÍ, born as the possibility of articulating educational, recreation and research processes.

The city has been characterized by a gradual growth in recent years, strengthening the creation of social values such as hospitality, solidarity and tolerance since its location has made it a multicultural and regional cosmopolitan place.

Some of the tourist attractions of the “eje cafetero” are:

  • Ukumarí Biopark: Ecotourism and wildlife park with animals and plants native to Africa, as well as commercial premises.
  • Panaca: National Park of the Agricultural culture; It is an agricultural theme park
  • Cocora Valley: Natural Coffee Landscape
  • National Coffee Park: Theme park with multiple attractions and cultural events.
  • Santa Rosa Hot Springs: Pools and hot springs, that is, with minerals that leave the ground with more than 5 ° C surface temperature.
  • Parque la Pradera.
  • Viewpoint of the camelias.
  • Viewpoint of the Tambo.
  • Viewpoint of the Altagracia.
  • Viewpoint of the Filandia.
  • Phone: +57 (6) 3137323