Calidad de la Energía

Power Quality

Types of disturbances and their power quality effects. Analysis, Diagnosis and solutions of power quality issues. Monitoring and development of measurement devices. Reliability on electrical power systems. Software development for power quality analysis. Modelling and simulation of dynamic systems.

Gestión Energética

Energy Manegement

Energy Management systems, Energy Audits, Optimization of energy process, Energy sustainability, Energy Efficiency, Energy Markets.

Refes Inteligentes

Smart Grids

Distributed generation, Non-conventional energy sources, Power System Automation and control, Communication systems, Fault location in electrical systems, Power System Protection, Real time tools for power system operation, Smart Metering.

Compatibilidad Electromagnética

Electromagnetic Compatibility

Electromagnetic compatibility in power system devices, Electromagnetic Interference in power systems.

Regulacion energetica

Regulatory and Economic Aspects

Regulatory aspects on power quality issues, Standards in Power Systems, Power system planning.

Descargas electricas atmosfericas

Research on Lightning

Lightning Location Systems, Lightning Parameters, Lightning Protection Systems, Thunderstorm forecast and warning systems. Effects of lightning on power quality issues. Grounding Systems